January Newsletter....

                      BELIEVE IT OR NOT!!

It might be more than 40 years since we last won the League  but we’ve just gained one title that we are really proud of.

Yes, against all the odds, the economic gloom, the VAT increase, the club has become the first in the area to reduce the price of BEER!!!

Hip, hip hooray, rollout out the flags and hoist the bunting… and somebody get ‘em in. 

The committee pulled off a massive coup by persuading Carlsberg to allow us more attractive prices and the result is … our beer is now cheaper!!! Yes, you read it right …cheeeeeeeeaper)

But, we are not going to tell you by how much. Can’t do that cos we want you to pop down to the club and find how much we’ve been able to reduce the prices (and perhaps catch a bit of footy at the same time. By the way, that’s not cheaper, it’s free).

See you (hic, hic) soon …. 


After launching what turned out to be a highly successful event last year, it would have been foolish not to stage this very enjoyable get-together again.  So we are !

Once again, first team captain Andy Northrop is in charge of the arrangements for the dinner on  February 25th and places/tables can now be booked for the three-course meal and entertainment.

As this is our first fund-raiser of the season, Andy is looking forward to seeing as many members as possible and bookings at £20 per head can be made via the bar staff or any committee member.

So, if we have not seen you over the winter, we’d love to renew acquaintance by getting you in the Astley Bridge mood as a preview for the 2012 season.   

                   THE SKY’S THE LIMIT!

That’s the verdict of everyone who has been watching football on Sky TV at Astley Bridge.  And, for one group of local footballers in particular it has proved to be more than just a draw. 

The club has been chosen as the home of Thornleigh Football Club members who came as neighbours but strangers and are now friends - part of the Astley Bridge family.

They reckon that adding Sky to the great package of hospitality we provide is a  winning formula and it is really proving to be so as it brings a host of exhausted players back to relax in the lounge week after week on Saturday whilst they enjoy a pint and a pasty and, most importantly,  catch up on the Football League results!

Thornleigh’s enthusiasm was backed by the committee which always intended to re-introduce Sky  one day.  Now, it looks as though the timing was just right, particularly as all the winter Test matches will be shown as well.   A monthlyl schedule of Sky matches for all sports is beside the lounge door.

So, sounds like it could be much more fun to sit in the club with your mates and watch the cricket through the long days before our season starts..

One last thing, if there is a particular match you want to see and can’t get down to the club, just ring and check out the dates with the bar staff.


November’s committee meeting saw the departure of our long-serving Secretary, Maureen Hough

Pressure of work and family commitments meant Maureen brought to an end her 10 years as a committee member with nine spent as club secretary. 

Accepting her resignation, Chairman Ron Fallows said “Over the last decade, Maureen has made a huge contribution to the club and takes with her our very sincere thanks for the work she has undertaken.

As anyone who knows Maureen would expect, despite withdrawing from the arduous duties a Club Secretary undertakes, she still intends supporting and helping the club in any way she can. 


Following Maureen’s departure. Alison Wainman, another long-serving ABCC member, accepted the committee’s invitation to undertake the position of Secretary, a senior position within the club..

In addition to her full-time job as a primary school teacher, Alison is the wife of third team coach Ian Wainman ,and mother of second team keeper Jack and Under 13s rising star, Luke,.

Followers of the junior squads will know Alison, who is also very popular with the Second team thanks to the cricket teas she and Anne Marie Holt, serve up for them.  (If you haven’t tried them, make a date in your diary for second team matches next season).

On behalf of  the committee, Ron Fallows welcomed Alison, who as Secretary holds the club‘s alcohol licence, to their ranks at an informal meeting held on November 29th.


In November, with the New Year just around the corner, the committee decided to welcome in 2012 with a bit of a facelift.

Replacement signage on the car park entrance fence and, also over the main entrance has been installed.   The new signage is more modern, and certainly clearer, with the club’s name spelt out in white lettering, and the club motto …Helping Youth in the Community … shown in Yellow.

The white theme has been repeated in the new plastic wording replacing the disintegrating black message on the boiler room tower. (We had got down to “Astley Rid” - and can only assume some Scrabble fan walked off with the remaining letters).

Now, we really can show the world that we mean it when we say “Welcome to Astley Bridge Cricket Club”. 

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